Why turning your heating up in summer could save you cash

Now the warm weather is here to stay a question that is asked every year is whether it is a good idea to turn your central heating off during the summer period to save money on your heating bills. Keeping your heating on during the summer might sound crazy but it could save you money in the long term.

In fact, while the summer months are the time we are least likely to use our boilers the fact they aren’t being used could impact their performance.

Turning your heating on for 10 to 15 minutes every week during the summer months will ensure it stays running smoothly and does not seize up while it’s not in everyday use. And this is something which could save you money in future repairs.

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Expensive repairs

The offshoot of not running your central heating system at all in the summer months is that if a failure occurs, the boiler will not work right at the time when you need it to, leaving you in the cold. This will also incur some expensive bills right at the time of year when you end up having to spend more on your energy bills too.
As well as turning the heating on once a week for a short spell Boiler Plan also advises keeping the hot water on, albeit at a low setting.

Should I get my boiler replaced in the summer?

If you’re looking to get your boiler replaced, summer is a great time to do this. Not only are you less likely to need the boiler while it is being replaced – particularly if you have an electric shower and cold fill appliances as detailed above – but there will be less demand for plumbers and boiler technicians during this period, allowing you to get the replacement done quickly.

One of the tips that we normally suggest to our customers is to run the central heating system occasionally over the summer months. Running the central heating for an hour every few days won’t incur too much extra expense in terms of energy output but will be enough to keep the central heating system ticking over all year round – and thus save you some repair costs later on. For further information on how you can save money on your heating bills please contact us via our simple contact form.

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